Healthy Grilled Chicken Salad

This is no ordinanry grilled chicken salad.  This salad is healthy, low fat and delicious to eat.  The cooking time is a liitle longer than most but the reward is worth it.  First things first fire up your Bar-B-Q pit and get ready.  This is a fun recipe that takes a little preparation so enjoy.   If serving for two this recipe is just right.  Anymore add ingredients.  First take your 2 boneless skinless chicken breast and lay on a plate.  Season them to the max because this is going to give every bite of your salad the kick it deserves.  My recomendation is plenty of fresh pepper, fresh onions and peppers, Lawry’s seasoning salt, garlic powder, parmesean cheese, and whatever you like on your chicken.  Now take a disposable aluminum pan and add all ingredients with chicken in the pan and put on the bar-b-q pit and let cook on medium heat covered for approx 15 minutes.  Then place the chicken first on the grill and put all the ingridients on top of the chciken and close the lid for approx 10 minutes on low heat.   After that turn chicken and ingrdients until chicken is cooked.  Then add your chicken with lettuce, sliced tortilla chips, and your favorite low fat SUGAR free dressing and enjoy.  This is the best salad I have found that is healthy, low fat and truly wonderful to eat.


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