Healthy Low Fat Recipes

For my first recipe I wanted to do something different that all should expierence.  This is my favorite recipe of all time.  Here is a quick dip recipe that you are sure to enjoy.  And one more note.  This is exclusive to this site first and no one else.  So enjoy and love the dip.

First go to your local grocery store and get a jar of tostinos queso cheese dip.  I know I know it is healthy for a dip.  Trust ME.  Then 2 chicken breast, A can of your favorite chili with NO beans.   A package of chives FRESH.  And you are done.

When your are ready chop up a half cup of the chives and pour 1/3 of the can chili into a medium pot and put on medium.  Whil doing that have your two chicken breast cooking.  I like to use Lowry’s seasoning salt on my chicken while its cooking.  After your chili and chives are nice and warm add your grillied chicken into the mix.  I like to pull the chicken thoroughly before putting in chili.  Once that is all done add in the whole container of cheese.  Also ad 4 tablespoons of water at the same time.   Mix together and WAA LAAAA   The best dip in the world.  Enjoy with your favorite chip of choice.  I like the good old corn chips myself.


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